Straw-Bale Construction CertificationGlobal Straw-Bale Construction Certification Program

The Global Straw-Bale Construction Certification Program provides the highest quality strawbale training available anywhere in the world. This unique program combines hands-on experiences with research and assignments using the leading books, videos, journals, and selected Internet and other electronic resources.

The Global Straw-Bale Construction Certification Program is a distance learning program for those within reach of the Internet and with an adequate knowledge of English. Students can begin the program at any time and work at their own pace through independent guided study. Advisors at the Geiger Research Institute provide guidance and critical analysis throughout the training process.

The Global certification program takes approximately one year to complete, although students with construction or architecture backgrounds may be able to complete the training more rapidly. The program consists of 14 modules that cover each major step of construction, as well as other relevant topics that form the essential knowledge for practitioners in the field.

Students can select one of two tracks:

Track 1. International Straw Bale Housing: This option prepares builders for work on low-tech, low-cost strawbale projects. The emphasis is on providing affordable housing in developing regions. Available now – click here for details.

Track 2. Building Code-approved Straw Bale Housing: This option is designed for professional builders and architects seeking a more technical option. All lessons revolve around meeting current US and international building codes. Available now – click here for details.

Lessons incorporate hands-on learning, extensive reading assignments, videos, short answer assignments, short reports and other assignments. In addition, students must complete two main projects:

Project #1: Straw Bale Emergency Shelter

Straw-bale construction basics are learned by building a simple straw bale emergency shelter during the first Module.

Project #2: Capstone Project

This is the main project of the program that demonstrates mastery of essential skills. Students design and build a functional straw bale structure of approximately 150 – 300 sq. ft. interior space, such as a guesthouse, studio, office, homeless shelter or other similar structure. The Capstone Project consists of three phases, where a portion of the necessary project documents (drawings, cost estimates, etc.) are developed in each phase. By the end of the third phase, the structure will be completed..

Pricing information for the Global Straw-Bale Construction Certification Program:

Track 1: International Straw Bale Housing:

$1,600 (four payments of $400, one payment per quarter)

$1,200 (reduced rate for advance payment paid in full)

Track 2: Building Code-approved Straw Bale Housing:

$2,500 (four payments of $625, one payment per quarter)

$2,000 (reduced rate for advance payment paid in full)

Please note that textbooks, journals and other educational resources are not included in the cost of this program. (Most of these resources can be purchased separately from the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Design website.) Costs of building materials, drafting equipment and other student supplies are not included in the cost of the program. Students are encouraged to use locally available, low-cost building materials and supplies whenever appropriate.

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